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Friday, February 03, 2006

Make My Own Asian Take-Out

I generally do not sit down and watch Emeril Live on The Food Network very often, but last night he had a guest chef with him cooking. Martin Yan. I always enjoyed watching his old show Yan Can Cook when it was on PBS and The Food Network. Zac always loved to watch also and he remembered who it was as soon as the name was mentioned last night. So it was destined that we watch. Mr. Yan and Emeril proceeded to prepare various Asian dishes throughout the show, but the one that got my attention was Sesame-Orange Beef.

This dish was fairly simple and quick to prepare. You begin with tri-tip sliced thinly and marinated briefly in soy sauce and cornstarch. Cook it up with some ginger, add the orange sauce, orange segments, and pineapple. Garnish and serve. Very easy and very tasty. I did think it was just a tad too salty so next time I will cut back on either the soy or the oyster sauce.

I made two side dishes from the May 2005 issue of Cooking Light that are by Mark Bittman. Ginger Fried Rice and Hot and Sour Soup. DH loves Hot and Sour Soup and I have never made it before. I thougth both of these dishes were good and quick to prepare. I cannot say if the soup compares to what you get in a Chinese restaurant as I have never ordered it before. It sure was tasty though. Just the right combination of sour, not overpowering at all. The fried rice was very flavorful from the large amount of ginger in the recipe.

That is all for tonight. We are expecting a significant amount of snowfall tomorrow so things may get ugly on the roads here by the time I get off work. Until then.



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