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Monday, January 30, 2006

Meatless Monday - Family Frittata

Busy day at work today, as par for the course on Monday. For those of you not familiar with dialysis, it is the process of doing the work of your kidneys for people who no longer have functioning kidneys. They are connected to a machine for the course of their treatment. Treatment times (at our facility) can range from 3 hours to 5 1/2 hours. The patients require treatment 3 times a week. We see them more often than some of their own families! It is easy to see how the staff can become very attached to the patients and vice-versa. It is always a celebration when one of our patients gets "The Call" to go for a transplant. Unfortunately, that does not happen often enough. So here is my plug and it is the only time you will hear it. Be an organ donor if at all possible! It can save many lives.

Staying with the Meatless Monday theme we had another frittata for dinner. This one comes from Cooking Light Magazine, May 1998. Family Frittata was loaded with good veggies and was easy to prepare. This frittata cooks for a time on top of the stove and then is moved under the broiler to finish and brown the top. We had this with a garnish of low-fat sour cream which complemented it perfectly. I thought the veggies on the bottom may have been a little overcooked so you may want to cut down on the time somewhat. Otherwise, it will be a repeater here. Best of all, I have leftovers for tomorrow to take to work and I have my entry for Sweetnicks ARF Tuesday!

On board for tomorrow is a favorite of our from Cooking Light that uses Wasabi Powder. Be sure to check in to see what is cooking! Until then.


Family Frittata
adapted from Cooking Light, May 1998


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