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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Playing catch up

I have been very busy lately with other obligations and have been neglecting the blog. Spring cleaning and trying to eliminate some junk at home this week since I am on vacation until Saturday. One of my goals is to weed through the many cooking magazines I have stockpiled and take them in to the breakroom at work.

I also have been having a problem being dizzy and lightheaded. I asked the doctor and she did a manipulation to my head and decided that I have Benign Paroxsymal Positional Vertigo. There are calcium crystals deep in the inner ear that are floating around in an area they are not supposed to be in and when they hit the walls of the inner ear canals, they make you dizzy. Some days are worse than others and can make me feel very nauseous also. It should clear up on its own. If I am not better soon, I guess I will have to go back to the doctor for further testing.

Last week my friend Michele and I attended an International Cooking Show that was held by the Madison County Homemakers Extension. It was a fun afternoon with many booths representing different countries and cultures. You received a small sample of the foods prepared and a booklet with all the recipes. There were so many to sample that we filled our trays twice in order to try everything! We only had a couple that we both agreed were not very tasty and we experienced some foods we had never tried before. One dish from The Bahamas that was a simple Peas and Rice contained Pigeon Peas which we had never tasted. It was very good and will be on the menu here soon. Oatmeal Cakes from Scotland were a bit dry and bland, however they are really to be served with hot tea or coffee for dunking. Here is a shot of one of my trays.

I have been challenging myself to use some of the food in my freezer and my pantry and not rush out and buy new ingredients. I had some dried beans to use and I came up with a recipe for White Beans and Greens. This is an easy dish and can be modified to your own tastes. Any type of white bean could be used and any type of green. I used navy beans and spinach since this is what I had on hand. I found it very tasty. DH and Zac would have liked it better without the spinach however.

Update on Angus the cat. His stitches were removed yesterday and he is looking and feeling much better. He still has a bandage since the doctor wants to protect the suture line for a few more days. He is anxious to return to the outside world and explore once again! I find him staring out the windows quite frequently.

I want to officially issue a big congratulations to Anna of Cookie Madness for winning the Pillsbury Bake Off! Anyone who can create a savory dish out of Dunkables deserves to win! You can find her recipe and the other winning dishes here.

That is it for now. I have added a link for people to subscribe to my blog since I have cut back on the blogging. If you choose to subscribe, you will receive an e-mail notification when the blog is updated. Check back in to see what's cookin.


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