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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dinner Tonight-Pepper Steak

I had a hankering for Pepper Steak tonight and with extra beef in the deep freeze and some red bell peppers to use, I went on a search for a new recipe. I came up with a winner from Rachael Ray, Pepper Steak and Rice Pilaf with Mushrooms. While this recipe does call for a boxed rice pilaf mix, it is a product that I do use and trust, Near East.

You begin by sauteing some chopped mushrooms, then add some water and the Near East Rice Pilaf (I used a Brown Rice Pilaf). While this simmers, you sear some strips of beef, using a good cut of meat such as some tenderloin or sirloin. Remove from heat and saute up the peppers and onions. The sauce is made from flour, sherry, beef consumme, and tomato paste. Serve the pepper steak over the pilaf for a quick and tasty weeknight meal.

On the side I prepared the salad that was served with this meal on the show, Mixed Salad with "House Dressing." This was a quick salad, although the dressing seemed to be lacking something. Maybe I just needed to add more salt. It was allright, but not as good as the Pepper Steak. All in all, a quick and satisfying meal.



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