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Sunday, January 08, 2006


"Jambalaya, crawfish pie, fillet gumbo. For tonight I'm gonna see my..." you get the picture. That song has been playing through my head all day in anticipation of tonight's menu offering, Patti's Jambalaya. There are many incarnations of this famous Cajun dish, but we like my version the best.

This time I used a yellow bell pepper instead of a green one since that is what I had on hand (the recipe is very forgiving, make it your own by using what ever you wish), and I did not have any Emeril's Essence. Since I did not feel like making a new batch, I used Galena Street Rub from Penzey's. Not quite as spicy as the Essence but still quite flavorful. I also happened to find some chicken andouille sausage last week to use. It is really much better with andouille sausage. However, it is extremely hard to find in Muncie. The local grocer carried Aidell's brand for awhile then quit selling it. When I cannot find it, I use smoked sausage and extra seasoning. This recipe makes a lot which is fine for us because the leftovers make a great lunch the next day. DH's and my co-workers are always amazed with the leftovers we bring in our lunches.

I tried a new cornbread recipe to accompany this tonight Maple Cornbread from the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. It was a very straight-forward recipe to follow and the results were excellent. Just a tad sweet with the maple syrup, but a nice accompaniment to the spicy Jambalaya.

I finished the menu planning for the next week and I will be using some of the bounty I have in my deep freeze. Aaaah, it really is a good feeling to know what is going to be for dinner the rest of the week and have a plan. I must NEVER get out of this habit again. Hopefully, having this blog will help me discipline myself.

Hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable weekend. Check in to see what's cookin' from Rachael Ray this next week. Until then...



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