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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Using up some garden bounty

The other day the September issue of Gourmet arrived in the mailbox. Being a 65th Anniversary Issue, it is packed with bits from previous issues and also features reprints of vintage covers. The first feature focused on chiles. In this feature was a recipe for Green-Chile Beef Stew that called for 1 pound of Anaheim chiles. Having an abundance of these from the garden, I decided to give this dish a go.

The first step was to roast the chiles either over the burner of a gas stove or under the broiler. Having an electric stove (not my choice BTW) I roasted these under the broiler. After about 10 minutes I removed them to a bowl and covered the bowl tightly with plastic wrap. After another 10 minutes, they were ready to have the skins slipped off.

Next a chuck roast is cut into 1-inch cubes and then browned off in a large heavy pot. Remove the meat, cook some onions and garlic in the pot and then return the meat to the mix. Add spices, tomatoes, water and the seeded and chopped chiles. Simmer for 3 hours and you have a very tasty and hearty chili stew. I served this with rice and pinto beans as suggested in the recipe.

Zac fell in love with this dish stating "I want to take this for lunch tomorrow at school." Randy ate a second helping stating "I guess I better eat some more of this so you don't feel bad." Actually, I was hoping to take it for my lunch tomorrow, if there is any left!


Green-Chile Beef Stew
adapted from Gourmet Magazine, September 2006


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