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Monday, July 24, 2006

How does your garden grow part 3

I have harvested the first big bunch of green beans from my garden. These will be dinner tonight cooked with some smoked sausage, potatoes, and onion. I could live off fresh veggies all summer!
I have also harvested some banana peppers and some lettuce (does anyone want some fresh lettuce? I have an overabundance)!

I put some banana pepper to use the other day to make a veggie pasta dish from an older issue of Gourmet magazine. Pasta With White Beans and Golden Onions listed a jalapeno in the ingredients so I subbed one of our banana peppers. This was an easy weeknight meal and was oh so good. I was afraid the onions would overpower, but the combination was just right. I only used one bell pepper instead of the recommended two. If you decide to try this, use two as the dish was a bit short on the peppers. I also subbed Kasseri cheese for the Parm as I had a fresh hunk on hand. This was also good warmed up the next day for leftovers.
The garden is coming along well. Soon we will be feasting on vine-ripe Indiana tomatoes! YUM! Tomatoes in the winter from the supermarket are just not the same. I have tried to explain this to my tomato hating son Chris, but he won't try them. Zac, on the other hand loves tomatoes but dislikes green beans. I did get him to try freshly cooked green beans a couple weeks ago and he liked them. Maybe there is hope for Chris and the tomatoes yet!

Be sure to check out Sweetnicks tomorrow for ARF Tuesday to see all the good for you foods submitted this week. I am submitting this post for the veggie pasta. Meanwhile, take another look at my beautiful green beans! Until next time.



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