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Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Foodie Store and A Cornmeal Cake!

We are back from our weekend away. It was good to get away for a while and enjoy the company of our family. So, Thanks to Roger and Cindy for having us. Let's do it again soon.

On Saturday we had planned a steak dinner and we needed a few things from the market. I wanted to go to this wonderful foodie find that is located in Bloomington know as The Olive Market. Located at Tenth and the Bypass it is close to the Mall and Indiana University. This was Homecoming weekend at IU (they won) and thus the area was pretty congested. I presevered and managed to locate the place on my own even though I had never went there without someone who knew their way around town being with me.

The Olive Market specializes in Middle Eastern and Indian ingredients and has a fresh olive bar that cannot be beat. It is always so hard to decide which ones I want to get when I am there! I decided on jumbo green olives stuffed with cloves of garlic and the best-selling house mix. This is a mix of various kinds of olives is a spiced brine. Very good! They also sell fresh feta cheese, Greek yogurt (which they were out of unfortunately) and freshly baked Pita and Naan breads. If you ever find yourself in Bloomington, Indiana you must go check it out!

The Olive Market

After I returned to Roger and Cindy's we began dinner. Randy cooked up some NY Strip steaks, I made some Twice Baked Potatoes and Cindy steamed some veggies. For dessert we had talked about Pineapple Upside -Down cake and we decided to try a version we had seen Alton Brown make the other day. This version is made with cornmeal in the cake batter. You begin by melting butter on top of the stove in a cast-iron skillet. Add some brown sugar, top with pineapple rings, add cherries to the center of the rings, then add 1/3 cup pecans if desired (I omitted these). Top with the batter and bake in the oven. After removing from the oven it looked like this:
Roger kept thinking we just had cornbread and wanted to cut it with the dinner! After letting the cake rest for a minimum of 30 minutes you carefully turn it out on a plate and you have this:
It was an interesting combination with the dense cornmeal cake and the sweet topping. This was my first attempt at an upside-down cake and I was pleased with the results. We all declared this one to be a winner.

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