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Saturday, January 06, 2007

First Baking from New Cookbook!

As promised, a review of the first recipe I have tried from King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking.

Whenever we eat out at chain steakhouses, DH loves the dark loaves of bread they bring to the table. I have seen copycat recipes for these before and never tried them. One thing they all seem to have in common is cocoa. The cocoa gives the bread the deep dark color and just a hint of flavor. When I spied this recipe in my new cookbook, I knew I had to try it (because I trust King Arthur Flour recipes). This came together quickly in my KA stand mixer and the loaves baked up beautifully (even though a little misshapen). The addition of honey and a small amount of sugar gives these just a hint of sweetness.

I opted to form the dough into 4 mini loaves. The actual recipe recommends 10 dinner rolls. This could easily take any form that you wish to shape it in. The dough is a little soft, so the smaller rolls would probably hold their shape better. My loaves spread out a bit instead of holding the loaf shape as I would have liked. Maybe it is time to invest in some of those mini loaf pans!


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