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Friday, May 12, 2006


There is nothing like a tasty little muffin to cheer up an otherwise gloomy day. Lately I have been having an abundance of gloomy days. I decided to cheer myself up with some muffins. I received the latest Penzey's Spices catalog in the mail the other day and I have had my eye on these cupcakes/muffins since. These are not overly sweet, but they are quite rich with TWO sticks of butter in the batter and another one in the streusel topping! The recipe states it makes 24 muffins, but I only got 18 using standard 12 cup muffin pans. I also had plenty of streusel leftover despite being VERY generous with the topping of each muffin. So there you have it folks. My prescription for the blues. Take one of these ( and believe me, with that much butter, one is all you need) and you will be feeling better soon.

Cinnamon Crumb Cupcake/Muffins

I hope there are a few dedicated and brave souls who are still checking in here from time to time to see if I am still alive and kicking. Well, I am still alive anyhow. There has been some very important distractions that have kept me away from the computer lately (and some distractions that are not so important also). I have been in sort of a blue funk and I have not even had much desire to have any Adventures in Food and Wine either (well, maybe the wine). Do you ever get in a rut like that? I hope it ends soon. The spring like weather is finally here in Indiana so that is a plus. Except today. Cold and rainy.

So anyway, I will try to post here more often if anyone is still interested. Meanwhile, keep reading all the other wonderful blogs I have listed on my sidebar. See ya again soon.